About Us

Welcome to Al Khamar General Trading LLC

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    Our Vision

Al Khamar General Trading LLC is your complete source for CCTV, IP Camera, NVR, VMS SERVER, CABLES, and ACCESSORIES. Through our strategic partnerships with world-class manufacturers like UNV. we have constructed the most comprehensive catalog of digital surveillance equipment and other security-related products available to dealers and security professionals in the U.A.E.

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    Our Mission

Our philosophy is simple. We listen to our customers and then offer unbiased honest professional advice. We are continuously investing a great deal of time and money in R & D. This allows us to be very selective in the brands and products that we carry. We do not follow industry trends, but rather set them. We embrace products that are field-tested and include a manufacturer’s warranty. We also warn our customers to be aware of the self-proclaimed Security Manufacturer who is simply importing no-name cameras and products from overseas that include no warranty or support.

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    Our Goals

That we constantly improve our products. Make it as easy as possible for your customers. Make the right changes to your product keeping in mind the current technological revolution so that our customers all over the world can benefit from it.

CEO Words

When we founded Al Khamar General Trading LLC. In 2010. Then the security industry was moving towards innovation.

We also adapted our brand UK LINK to modern requirements keeping in mind the times.And tried to provide the best products to our customers.

Nowadays, when technology has become smart, we have also added UNV to our product line keeping in view the needs of the times and have achieved National Distribution of UNV.
We are always looking for the best for our customers.


What are our advantages for our business partners?

We would like to try our all best to support our business partners to have more successful dealing business and installation business in CCTV industry.

No matters which country you are from, if you want to deal in our products, or want deeper business relationship with us, welcome to call our line to date a meeting and have detailed communication with each other.

With us you can get these advantages:

1. stronger business relationship

2. complete and instant support

3. the 1st to get latest information of CCTV

4. good quality products and more margin

We are keeping on looking for these kinds of partners:

1. trustful and reliable for each other

2. with full confidence of yourself

3. with full passion of your work

4. willing to learn the trend of CCTV industry